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I always enjoyed writing term papers in school, but never really thought about becoming a writer. My father was a journalist and author. He wrote for the local newspaper for several years. He also wrote articles for trade magazines and published one novel.

While my children were growing up I didn’t have time to think about writing. I was too busy with a full-time job and raising the two of them on my own (I’m divorced).  About 5 years ago a woman at church wanted to start a writing group . I went to the first meeting and was hooked.  I knew I wanted to write. By this time my children were grown so I thought the time was right.

Shortly after that I saw an advertisement in the newspaper about The Institute of Children’s Literature. You could take their aptitude test to see if you qualified for admission. I took the test and not too long after I began a course on writing for children. I finished the course in about a year and learned some very good basic information on writing.

Since then I have attended writers’ conferences, read books on writing, joined a different writers’ group, and written a few short stories. I am also completing a course on copywriting.  I do not have anything published yet, but I am starting the journey of writing a novel. That is what this blog will be about – my journey and what I learn along the way. I hope you will want to take the trip with me. I have no idea what the future will hold, but I am excited to find out.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a novel idea! Pardon the pun. I wish you every blessing as you undertake this interesting, but difficult task. For me, the proofreading was harder than writing the novel. By the time I was done with that part of it, I was exhausted. One bit of advice I would have for you is to write a short bio on each of your characters so you can be consistent in what you say about them as you go along.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion about the bios of my characters. Besides actually talking about my novel I am also going to write about things like: the importance of joining a writers’ group and attending conferences, passive vs active and show – don’t tell (both are areas I really have to work on). We’ll see what happens with this blog.

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