The first writers’ conference I attended this fall was held at Maranatha Conference Center in Muskegon, MI. It is a Christian writers’ conference held every year the last week of September. It started at noon on Monday and ended at noon on Friday. The entire week was packed with speakers and workshops.

Speakers/workshop leaders included authors Eva Marie Everson, Dr. Dennis Hensley, Cecil Murphey, Dave and Neta Jackson, Kathy Macias, just to name a few. Also present were editors, publishers and agents.

It was a time to be inspired and encouraged.  Also, a time to learn and grow in our craft of writing.

I learned:

1.  How to write a book proposal

2. How to be authentic in my writing – characters must be believable, use honest emotions, accurate details, and realistic dialogue

3. How to create memorable characters

4. How to write travel articles

One workshop, which was 4 hours, dealt with Fiction and Film. We watched a movie and then discussed it scene by scene looking at how the plot developed. We examined it for signs of foreshadowing.  Noticed how tension was built. I don’t think I will look at a movie the same way ever again.

Another aspect of the conference, which was a great help to me, was the one-on-one time we could have with the authors/editors/publishers/agents. I met with Kathy Macias and showed her the first chapter of my novel. She gave me great suggestions on how to make my writing stronger. She also gave me encouragement to keep writing the book, as she liked the premise I presented.

Talking one-on-one with people who have “made it” in the writing profession can be a little intimidating, but well worth fighting your fears to do. They are there to help struggling writers, like you and me, reach our dreams.

Attending writers’ conferences is a must to help develop your craft. Go online and goggle “writers’ conferences”. You can even be specific as to what kind of writers’ conference in which your interest lies.  Conferences are held all around the country and at various times of the year.

For this specific conference I attended in Muskegon go to   writewithpurpose.com  People from 16 states and 3 countries attended this year.

Have you attended a writers’ conference? Tell me about your experiences.

My next posting will be about the other conference I attended recently. Stay tuned.

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