This Halloween did you go out searching for that perfect pumpkin to carve? Examining all those pumpkins at the store, produce market, or pumpkin patch looking for just the right one was probably quite a job. You looked for the color, if it sits level, is the curve right for the face. Then you found it, the exact pumpkin that’s a fit for you.

It’s that way when you are trying to find your niche in writing. If you are just starting out you already know you want to write, you have a passion inside to write, but are not quite sure in which genre to write.

First, you need to decide fiction or non-fiction. (Some people feel comfortable writing both)

If non-fiction is something you are interested in you have to think about do you want to write articles for magazines, write a book on a particular topic, maybe start an informational blog ( just to list a few options).

If fiction is your passion the choices are also numerous:  children’s stories, short stories, novels, science fiction, romance, adventure, thriller, etc.

I started out writing short stories for children. Once I tried a non-fiction article for a children’s magazine and was told it sounded too much like an encyclopedia.  My next attempt was short stories for adults. Even though nothing has been published yet I discovered I really enjoy writing fiction, especially for adults. I am having a great time writing my novel. It’s exciting to watch the story unfold in front of me.

In the writers’ group of which I’m a member, we have been encouraged to write for magazines and/or newspapers. For me the passion for writing non-fiction is not there. I enjoy reading non-fiction, but writing it is a different story. I am now spending time checking out possible magazine  markets or anthologies for my short stories.

Play around with different genres. Try writing a short article, get down on paper a short fiction story, possibly try writing poetry. As you write you will be struck by the niche that is right for you. You’ll find one kind of writing that does not feel like work for you to write. All writing takes work, don’t get me wrong. But when you are writing what you love to write it doesn’t seem like work.

Keep writing. You will fall into your niche. I did and I love it. There is a story, article, book inside you just waiting to get out.

If you have found your niche please share in the comments how you discovered it. People who are just starting out in writing can benefit from the experience of others.

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