I am a Christian and a writer.

If you are not a Christian today’s blog might not make a lot of sense to you. However, I hope you will continue reading anyway. Something may just touch your soul.

I am currently reading a book titled “Why Pray?  40 days – from words to relationship”  by John DeVries.  Not only have I gotten some insights for my life in general, but also for my writing life.

The author tells a story of a young boy with a kite. The boy is runnng like crazy with the kite flying behind him. However, when he stops running the kite falls to the ground. The problem is there’s no wind.

Look at your writing. Are you writing like crazy, but when you stop and look at it there’s no substance, just idle words?

John DeVries goes on to say what we are lacking is the “wind” of the Holy Spirit to keep our kite up in the air. How do we get that wind?

Here’s another analogy from the book: When we are walking we must use both feet. If one foot is planted on the ground and only the other foot is moving we’ll just go around in circles, not going anywhere.

Our two feet represent two things we need. One foot is work. The other foot is prayer. Both feet are needed. Which foot should come first? Do you write your article, short story, or book and then pray a publisher will want it?  Or do you pray for guidance and the words before you even start to write?

The second option is what we should be doing. We need to be “yoked” to Jesus. When a team of oxen or horses are yoked or tied together they work in unison. When we are yoked to Jesus through prayer we are in step with Him. With that connection Jesus can then work through us into our writing.

Our writing is work. We want to be productive and get our writing out there for others to read. Are we relying on ourselves to get this done or are we teamed up with Jesus letting Him direct us in our writing?

I currently am writing another blog which is daily. I made this commitment to take a photograph and connect it with a Biblical principle every day in 2012. There have been many times I didn’t have a clue what I’d photograph or write about. I would go to the Lord in prayer. Then, while traveling around for my job, ideas would pop into my head. Some days I’d end up taking 3 or 4 different photos and have ideas for several days of blogging.

Teaming up with Jesus is not only beneficial for our lives, it’s also support and partnership in our writing.

I just had to write this blog today. I hope I did not offend anyone. I welcome any and all comments.

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One thought on “PRAYER AND WRITING

  1. Love this input!!! Thanks!! 😀

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