IM000676.JPGBefore we know it New Year’s Eve will be upon us, the time to make our resolutions for the coming year. Most of us think of things we want to do in the new year such as lose weight, spend more time with family, get more involved with our religious life, etc.

How many of those well intended resolutions actually come to fruition? We start out full speed ahead, but as the months go by those big ideas we had fall by the wayside.

Have you thought about making a resolution regarding your writing, and STICK TO IT all year? I have. I am setting a goal for myself of finishing my novel in 2013. I don’t know if it will be totally ready for publication, but at least I want it written. I am shooting for having it far enough along that by the time the fall writers’ conferences come around I’ll be ready to present a proposal or maybe even have a completed manuscript to show editors, agents and/or publishers. I have procrastinated long enough.

My daily blog ( will end on 12/31/12. I made the commitment to write a daily blog for only 2012. My hopes are to continue the discipline of writing each day I have with the blog now into the new year and spend that time on the book.  When I go to my writers’ group meeting next week I will tell them of my plan. That way they can hold me accountable to follow through.

What goals are you thinking about pursuing in 2013? What ones will deal with your writing projects? If you do not belong to a writers’ group I strongly suggest you find one to join. The support and encouragement you receive from a small group of writers is beyond words. The members of the group care for each other. They celebrate your accomplishments and encourage you when you get rejections. They offer constructive comments regarding your writing to help you become a better writer.

We’ve got three weeks to think about those resolutions. Let’s make 2013 the year we stick to our resolutions and get fired up about writing.

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