IM000624.JPGCompanies know how to get their names out there so people know who they are. This photograph is from Kasey Kahne’s race car. Being a sponsor for NASCAR drivers is a very visible way for companies to display their names.

How can we as writers get our names out there so people know who we are?

We need to have exposure to a relatively large group of people, otherwise, who will buy our first books? If no one has ever heard of us why should they care what we write about.

Here are some ways to start getting your name known:

1. Start a blog, if you don’t currently have one. If you do have one, write on it regularly (at least weekly). I was shocked how many people read my other blog ( from all over the world.

2. Be on social media sites like facebook and twitter. A solid base of friends and family is a device to advertise your product. By word of mouth they can pass on the information to others. Before you know it, there could be hundreds of people becoming familiar with your name and writing.

3. Become a public speaker. Recently I spoke as a motivational speaker at a Weight Watchers open house. It had nothing to do with my writing, but when my novel is published some of the people who heard me speak might remember my name and therefore, check out my book.

4. Have a membership in various organizations. All the people who know you from the meetings could be potential readers of your work.

5. Just tell people you already know about the book you are writing. Get them excited about it before it comes out. That way they will be anticipating it.

I’m sure you will think of additional ways to become known. While you are writing your book don’t forget to advertise yourself. Get your name out there. Then when the book is published you will already have a fan base in place.

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