IM000722.JPGLast week I wrote about ways to get your name out to the world. A couple days later an opportunity was presented to me I could not refuse.

Timothy Burns, who does work for Word Weavers International and is a member of the Word Weaver small group to which I belong, started a new website for writers.

Because of the blog I did last year of daily devotionals ( he asked if I would contribute to his website by writing a devotional once a week. I didn’t hesitate with my answer. I said, “YES”.

Now besides my friend list on facebook, my followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, last year’s blog, and the blog you are currently reading, I’m adding a whole new group of people who will read my writing and know my name.

When it comes time to sell my novel I, hopefully, will have a strong base of followers who could become potential buyers of my book.

Writing a broad-scope devotional is one thing. Writing one geared to a specific audience, in this case writers, is a whole different ballgame. I am ready to accept the challenge.

There are all sorts of opportunities out there for your writing. Some you’ll have to seek out. Others will come to you. Be aware of what’s out there for you and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


Have you had a new opportunity come your way recently?  If so, tell us about it.


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