IM000762.JPGHave you had second thoughts about your ability as a writer? I sure did for a little while last evening.

I went to my Word Weavers’ meeting and had the group critique the 2nd chapter of my novel. By the time they were done it was pretty well torn apart. In plain words, it was brutal. On my drive home I was thinking to myself, “Do I really have what it takes to be a fiction writer? Maybe, I’m just fooling myself.”

Once I got home and relaxed I started to rethink that first reaction. I realized I still want to write and I want to publish a novel someday. My problem is things usually come quite easy for me. However, this writing business is not.

I came to the conclusion I am rushing through the process. I sit down, write the chapter, make some changes, and call it good. The fact is I am not taking the time to really disect what I’ve written. I’ve not been willing to dig deeper into the story. I want it to be easy.

God is teaching me something through this experience. I still have the passion to write, which He gave me. Now I need to develop the perseverance to become a good writer. He is telling me if I’m going to pursue writing I must slow down. I must put the time into my writing that it deserves. I can not continue to put out mediocre work and try to pass it off as good.

The road is not closed to me. My second thoughts are not based in fact. God does not want me to throw in the towel and I don’t want to either. This is serious business and I have not been taking it as seriously as I should.

From now on I am going to put my heart and soul into my writing. I am not going to write just for the sake of writing. I am going to write with purpose. I am going to continue reading books on writing. I will attend at least 2-3 writers’ conferences each year. I will enter writing contests. I will dig deeper into my stories and pull everything out onto the page I can possibly find. I will practice, practice, practice.


I want to give a big THANK YOU to my critique group. Sometimes the words are difficult to hear, but I appreciate the honesty and constructive comments given to me. Without them I would not have had this re-awakening.

Have you had second thoughts about your writing? Please share your experiences.

If you do not belong to a critique group I encourage you to find one in your area.

As a side line – check out    It’s a new website for writers. Connected with it is also an audio web cast every Thursday  evening  8-9 PM.


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4 thoughts on “SECOND THOUGHTS

  1. Lorraine, what I’m learning is that I need to be open to growth and for me to grow I need to admit I don’t know everything about writing, that my writing needs improvement. For me this is where the rubber of my writing meets the road of honest feedback. Thanks for sharing this honestly.

  2. Thank you Rich for sharing. It helps knowing I’m not alone with these feelings.

  3. Thanks for your transparency here, Lorraine, and for your willingness to share. Anyone who has been writing anytime at all can identify with the second thoughts. (I, for one, have second, third, fourth, and fifth thoughts on the subject almost every day!) You’re doing the right thing in continuing to pursue!

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