IM000027.JPGFor Christmas a friend of mine gave me the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. I started reading it a few days ago. I highly recommend it.

The first couple chapters are quite depressing, but keep reading. The author is struggling to find God in everyday life. She is not experiencing His joy and wonders why.

Then she comes up with the idea of over time writing down one thousand things she is thankful for. Not the usual things like family, health, a decent job, etc., but little things like the chirping of birds, a full moon, laughter of children. As her list grew so did her relationship with God. She was able to start looking deeper into her own actions and accessing if she was behaving as a person with a focus on God or as a person focused on self.

As writers we, too, can experience God through our writing.

While you are writing are you listening to what God might be telling you, what direction He might want you to go in with your writing?

Do you feel close to God when you are writing?

Even if we are writing a story or article which is not necessarily religious in nature we can experience God if we open our minds and hearts to His leading. As He gives us directions in our daily activities of life He can give us direction in our writing.

I am throwing out a challenge to all writers out there. Read “One Thousand Gifts”, then start writing your own list of one thousand things you are thankful for. As you are writing focus on the wonder of God and why each particular item is something you are thankful for. This could turn into a great journal project, something you can look back on in the future when things start getting you down.

I am going to start my list today.

If you have already read the book, are you writing your list? If so, please share with the rest of us some of the insights you are gaining from doing this.

Our passion for writing was given to us by God. Shouldn’t He be a part of the process?

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