IM000909.JPGI am currently reading “Writers On Writing” (Top Christian Authors Share Their Secrets for Getting Published).

If you are a Christian you know about Paul and Apollos. Both were followers of Christ.

Here is a quote from the above mentioned book regarding these two men:

“But what sets apart Paul from Apollos? Apollos was a skilled orator, much more skilled than Paul, but Paul’s influence touches us today because he wrote it down. He wrote down the words of God and they live to this day. We don’t know any of Apollos’ arguments for Jesus as the Christ because they don’t exist presently in writing. His words have passed away with time, but Paul’s written words live on, influencing nations of every language.”  (pg. 22)

As writers, we know we also have to be speakers. We need to build a platform and get our names out there in order to develop a market for our material. Speaking is important. However, people are not going to remember our spoken words. They will remember what we write because it will be available for them to read over and over again.

You have something to say. Put it in writing. A large portion of the New Testament is made up of Paul’s letters to various cities/people in the ancient world. We have these letters today to help us understand more what it means to be a follower of Christ. Without those letters we probably would not know that Paul even existed.

Even if your writing consists only of  journals for your family to read in the future, you are leaving something behind so others will know who you were.

You might never write a best seller, but you might write an article that will be referred to on future occasions.

Maybe you will write copy for a business or product which will be used in their advertising long after you are gone.

Perhaps there is a social issue you are passionate about and you are invited to speak at various functions. That’s great! But you need to also put it down in writing.

Do you want to be Apollos who was great in his time, but no one really knows him? Do you want to be Paul, whose writing is still around for us to read?


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