IM000061.JPGI have been confused lately. I thought I knew my niche. I enjoy writing fiction short stories, however I am not getting anywhere with them. Lots of rejections.

I have also been writing devotionals, which I love doing. In 2012, for the entire year, I wrote a daily devotional on my other Word Press site camershoot365. From doing that I was invited to write a weekly devotional for . My posting is on Thursdays. Then because of doing that weekly devotional I was invited to be the speaker at a women’s retreat coming up in a couple weeks.

Is God trying to tell me I should be focusing more on writing devotionals? At a writers’ conference last year I had an editor of devotionals look at some of mine. He was looking for the traditional devotionals which include a story at the beginning. My devotionals are different. I have the scripture first, then I go right into my commentary (no story). I have seen other published devotionals written the way I write.

My feeling is I don’t need to fit any current mold. I will continue to write my devotionals the way I am writing them. Eventually, I would like to put them in book form. If I can’t find a publisher for them I can always self-publish.

While I am writing this blog today I think I’ve cleared my confusion. I am still going to write short stories as ideas come to me (and maybe even a novel at some point), but will really concentrate my energy on devotionals. Digging into the Bible and applying the verses to life today is fun for me.

Isn’t that what writing is all about? If it’s not fun, why do it? Writing is hard work and if we don’t enjoy it we shouldn’t be doing it. Are there other writers out there who had difficulty or are currently having difficulty finding their niche? Please leave a comment and share your struggles.

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One thought on “DON’T KNOW WHICH WAY TO GO

  1. Appreciated your honesty. I agree. Writing should be enjoyable and not just an effort.

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