Keeping Promises (The Belt of Truth)

armor-of-god “O Sovereign Lord, You are God! Your words are trustworthy, and You have promised these good things to Your servant.” 2 Samuel 7:28

“Hey! Suzy, can you keep a secret?” “Sure Jenny. I promise.”

How many times have we, as children and adults, made promises? We do it all the time. How many of those promises do we actually keep? At the time we make them we are positive we’ll keep them. Then something comes up and we forget about the promise we made. At one time or another we have said we’d do something – attend a meeting, prepare a meal for someone, lead a Bible study – then when it’s time to fulfill that promise we come up with all sorts of excuses why we can’t do it.

In 2 Samuel 7 the prophet Nathan tells King David that God promises the house of David will last forever, and his throne will be establish forever. After hearing God’s words through Nathan, David prays. He is shocked that God cares that much for him.

David expounds on what God had done in the past and what He promises to do in the future. David asks God to keep His promises. Then, near the end of the prayer, David says, “Your words are trustworthy”. David knows what God says He means. The Lord does not promise something and then later go back on His word because it’s not convenient for Him. He sticks by what He says. Even though David sinned, God still kept His promise and David’s throne was established forever through Jesus Christ. God speaks the truth. We can hang onto His every word.

To wear the BELT OF TRUTH we must believe God’s word is trustworthy and true. Do you believe that?

The devil will try devious ways to make you think he’s the one who is really being truthful. Remember the story of Adam and Eve? God told them they’d die if they ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The serpent tells Eve what God said isn’t true. She wouldn’t die from eating the fruit. Eve listened to the serpent instead of to God and we know how that turned out.

God is not going to make promises He won’t keep. God doesn’t lie or try to trick us. Those ploys are used by Satan. God’s words are true. Therefore, the BELT OF TRUTH will show the devil that he can’t put anything over on us. We are too smart to fall for his schemes.

Also, when we put on the BELT OF TRUTH we must be ready to keep the promises we make to God and to others. The BELT will help us to remain true to our word, as well. We are not to mimic Satan’s actions and deceive others.

God has set the example. Now we need to follow it.

APPLICATION: The next time you make a promise be prepared to follow through. Do not make promises you know you can’t or won’t keep.

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