Constantly In Prayer

armor-of-godThey (the disciples) all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers. Acts 1:14

How can we be constantly in prayer? We all have daily responsibilities. We can’t be praying all the time. Or can we? Being constantly in prayer does not necessarily mean being on our knees praying 24/7. What it does mean is having a praying heart and when things happen our first thoughts are to pray.

Throughout the day I will lift up short prayers to God. I ask Him to get me safely to and from work. Then when I’m back home I thank Him for the safe travel He provided. A lot of these prayers I offer are prayers of thanksgiving; for the beautiful day, for no major complications at work, or just for what He’s given me to survive day after day. Being in constant prayer is keeping our focus on God at all times as we live in this mixed-up world.

As we fight spiritual battles we know we have the full armor God has given us. We learn how to effectively use each piece of it as our faith in Him grows. However, a very important companion to having the availability of the armor is prayer.

Prayer keeps us in communication with the Father. Prayer opens the gates for God’s mighty power to rush through. It is a conduit through which we can experience the inner peace during times of turmoil that only God can provide. From the doorway opened by prayer flows the strength and wisdom we need to utilize the armor as we fight Satan’s attacks.

Throughout His ministry Jesus prayed. After He ascended into heaven His disciples continued to pray as they traveled and spread the Gospel. If they knew the importance of constant prayer in order to combat the devil’s ploys why should we think it would be any different today?

We still are battling against Satan’s deceptions and temptations. We still need the power of God working in us, through us, and for us. Prayer is just as significant as it’s ever been.

Use the armor, but don’t forget the power prayer also provides. Having open hearts in constant communication with God goes hand-in-hand with putting on the armor when fighting the spiritual battles that surround us.

APPLICATION: Are you praying at only specific times during the day, such as at meals or bedtime? Make a conscious effort to lift up prayers often throughout the day. You will begin to feel a stronger connection with the heavenly Father.

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