armor-of-godAnd pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep praying for all the saints. Ephesians 6:18

I’ve spent several weeks sharing with you the power and protection God provides through His armor. Each piece has a purpose in our battle with evil. After Paul described each component of the armor in Ephesians he ended with instructions to pray.

Prayer is powerful. In Live A Praying Life author Jennifer Kennedy Dean talks about the power which is released when we pray in Jesus’ name, “When we use the Name in prayer it has two effects. First, it gives us access to the Father. Because Jesus has given us permission to use His name, we are received in the Father’s presence as Jesus is. Second, when you use the name of Jesus you immediately have authority in the spiritual realm. . . . Your prayers in Jesus’ name – which means that you are speaking His desires – direct the will of God into the circumstances of earth.”

Our prayers open up pathways for God’s will to take shape. That is forceful stuff. Author O. Hallesby wrote, “This power is so rich and so mobile that all we have to do when we pray is to point to the persons or things to which we desire to have this power applied and He, the Lord of this power, will direct the necessary power to the desired place at once.”

We need to remember the power released is God’s will. The answers we receive may not be what we expect. Our prayers need to be directed toward what God’s will is.

How can we know the will of God and therefore unleash this power? He will reveal bits and pieces of it to us through Bible study and during those times we spend in quiet, hearing God’s voice. Through the Holy Spirit God’s will is revealed.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean goes on to say in her book, “All prayer is spiritual warfare. Every prayer that gains ground for God’s kingdom loses ground for the enemy. To pray is to be locked in combat with spiritual forces. Spiritual warfare is not a single type of praying; prayer is warfare. There is no reason for this to be an intimidating thought. The two opposing sides in this warfare are not equal. Satan’s army is pitifully weak and small compared to God’s.”

The name of Jesus holds unimaginable power and authority. By praying in His name that power and authority flows through us.

Unleash this power. Pray, pray, pray. We are strong and mighty. With the armor, the sword, and prayer every battle with evil we face will be won through Jesus Christ.

The battle is upon us. Continue to fight with courage and confidence knowing the Lord Jesus Christ is fighting by your side every step of the way.

APPLICATION:  Commit to spending a dedicated time each day to sit in God’s presence listening and talking to Him. Become knowledgeable of His will and then pray for His will to be done.

(This is my final post on the topic of the armor of God. I am going to explore the possibility of putting these together in an ebook. I’ll keep you informed. Next week I will begin a new series of devotionals on what I haven’t decided yet. If you have some suggestions please let me know. I am also going to start a mid-week devotional geared toward writers.)


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