Speaks With Authority

1499479_10201232898052063_242722957_nThe Lord will cause men to hear His majestic voice and will make them see His arm coming down with raging anger and consuming fire, with cloudburst, thunderstorm, and hail.    Isaiah 30:30

People with authority are around us daily. Our bosses at work, the government, police officers, our parents and teachers all have authority. They’re people we are to obey or at least give their advice strong consideration.

However, the ultimate authority is God. When He speaks people better listen. In the Bible there are numerous times when God spoke to people. If they listened and obeyed great things happened. If they chose not to heed His voice there were dire consequences.

God still speaks to us today if we are open to hearing Him. He speaks when we have that gut feeling there is something we should or shouldn’t do. His voice will come through other people who are more attuned to hear Him than we are. Sometimes a strong thought comes to mind almost like hearing an actual voice. (I’m not talking about audible hallucinations)

Let me give you a personal example of that last way we can hear God. I’ve been single for over twenty years. A few years ago I started thinking I’d like to have a man in my life again. I wasted a lot of money on match-making sites with no results. One day I just opened myself to God asking Him to lead me to the right man. A voice (thought) came in my mind loud and clear – “Jesus is the only man you need.” I’ve never forgotten that moment and I’m no longer fretting about finding a man. By listening to God’s voice I’ve become very content with my life as it is.

There will come a time that everyone will hear God’s voice loud and clear as stated in today’s verse. When the Lord returns there will be no doubt who’s speaking and who has the authority.

Is God trying to tell you something now? Are you ignoring His voice? God has authority over all situations and when He speaks you and I need to listen.


Dear God, Help me to be open to what You want to say to me. I want to hear You, but I don’t always let that happen. Guide me to be in tune to Your leading through my gut feelings, through advice from people I trust, and by actually “hearing” Your voice through my thoughts. Then I ask that You will please help me to obey what I hear. You are the authority over my life.

                                                   In Jesus’ Name,   Amen

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