False Gods

IM000716.JPGBlessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust, who does not look to the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods.    Psalm 40:4

We are surrounded and bombarded daily by things which could easily become false gods for us. Money, material possessions, social status, and powerful friends can suck us in if we let them become the center of our life’s ambition.

For a writer fame and greed can become our gods if we let them. We need to examine why we want to be writers. If the efforts we put into our writing are only in hopes of obtaining prestige ad money we will be disappointed. Very few writers reach a high level of fame and wealth. These false gods will quickly lead us astray and in the process, we will lose the joy of writing for writing’s sake.

Instead of thinking about how much money we might receive or which popular publications would possibly print our stories/articles, we should think about what is the best way through our writing to pursue the purpose God gave us. Our efforts should be focused on pleasing God and trusting Him as to how He will use what we write.

For some of us fame and fortune may come and that’s great. However, that should not be our target. Our reward will be in the inner satisfaction of knowing we are trusting in the Lord and following His direction, even if we never see a dime for our work. Our writing can plant seeds to bring people to Christ and can provide encouragement and support to people we may never meet.

There is only one true God. He is to be our only God. Everything we do is to be to His glory, not for our personal gain. If we follow this purpose we will receive a reward from Him beyond what we can imagine. Some of that reward may come while we are still on this earth, but most of it will be received when we reach our heavenly home.

Are you letting false gods get in the way of the true purpose for your writing?


Dear Lord, So many things in this world tempt me to “worship” them such as money and fame. Help me to put things in proper perspective and have serving You as my #1 priority. May my writing be pleasing to You and be a fulfillment of Your plan for my life.      In Jesus’ Name,  Amen.


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