What Time Is it For You?

IM000004.JPG“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.”    Eccesiastes 3:1

It’s that time of year again. The time to make those New Year’s resolutions. We are so eager to make plans of things we intend to do in the new year to better ourselves. We might even stick with it for a couple months. Then what happens? We slip back into our comfortable “normal” lifestyle and those well-meaning resolutions fly out the window.

The first eight verses of Eccesiastes 3 tell us there are times for every activity. Is 2015 going to be your time to make some changes in your life?

God gave us this time we have on earth and He expects us to use it wisely. He doesn’t want us to let time just pass by. We are here to make a difference. That difference can be through actions we take toward others this year. Maybe there’s an organization or group you’ve thought about getting involved with or a committee at church that could use your help. This new year would be a perfect time to make that commitment. Or you can be an example for others through ways you work on improving yourself such as by losing weight, going back to school, learning a new craft or activity.

I have two resolutions I am going to try my hardest to complete in 2015. One is to lose weight and keep it off. A couple years ago I lost 80 lbs. I have foolishly gained half of that back. I felt so much better without that extra weight so 2015 will be my year to get the weight off and adjust my eating lifestyle. The other resolution is to expand my knowledge and activity of writing. I want to branch out and try writing different things besides my devotionals. I’ve already started exploring a couple new areas.

There is a time for every activity. With the new year just around the corner now is a good time for change.

Give some serious thought about how you are going to spend 2015. We all have something in our lives we’d like to change. God wants the best for us, but He expects us to make an effort to achieve it. Where is God leading you? Let’s make 2015 the year we truly follow God’s plan for us. Let 2015 be your time and season for activity to God’s glory.

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