Get Out Of The Boat

IM000339.JPG“Lord, if it’s You,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to You on the water.” “Come,” He said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.   Matthew 14:28-29

We hear it at church, in the business world, in fact everywhere that if you want to get ahead or try new things you need to leave your comfort zone, get out of the boat.

We all have dreams of things we’d like to do, but unless we get out there and pursue them our dreams will never turn into realities.

What dreams do you have regarding your writing? Do you see yourself as an award-winning author someday? Do you dream of your book being on the New York Times best seller list? Do you want to pass written memories and sound advice to your children and grandchildren?

Great! What’s stopping you? I know. You’re not sure you want to get out of the boat. You’re afraid.

Peter would never have attempted to walk on water if Jesus wasn’t there. We also know what happened to Peter when he took his focus off Jesus and began noticing the wind and waves around him. He sank.

The same thing can happen to us. If we focus on all the negative voices telling is it’s a wast of time to write we’ll never see our dreams come to fruition.

However, if we take our fears and concerns to Jesus, tell Him what we’d like to try, and then keep our eyes on Him, He’ll give us the courage to tackle those fears. We will be able to get out of the boat and accomplish marvelous things.

Who knows which of our dreams could become realities if we’d just put our trust in Jesus. Then we’ll have the fortitude to start writing.

What negative thoughts are holding you back, keeping you from pursuing your dreams? It’s a new year, the perfect time to leave your comfort zone and trust in Jesus. Are you ready to get out of your boat?

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