Book Review – “Stealing From God – Why atheists need God to make their case’

978-1-61291-701-6In his book, Stealing From God – Why atheists need God to make their case, Frank Turek uses CRIMES as an acrostic to look at the various aspects of atheism vs belief in God. The areas explored are: Causality, Reason, Information and Intentionality, Morality, Evil, and Science. The book closes with a case for mere Christianity and a discussion as to why God does not force anyone into heaven.

This is a fascinating book. It’s a little difficult to read at the beginning but as you get into it, it all makes sense. This book gives a clear picture of what atheists believe and how unbelievable their line of thought is. Every Christian should read this book to gain insights into why it’s so hard to reason with atheists regarding God. Atheists should read it to gain insights into the contradictions of their line of thought.

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