In A slump

file0001051260198Those of you who follow this blog probably noticed I have not posted anything for three weeks. I was sick for one week and didn’t feel like doing anything. The other two weeks I have not felt like writing. I am in a slump.

I enjoy writing the devotionals, but lately I feel I am just writing the same thing over and over. A few weeks ago I wrote a short story (which I will have my writers’ group critique soon). I had fun writing it, however, since then there’s been nothing. I want to write. I don’t know what to write.

I have been praying about it. I think I want to continue trying my hand at short stories for a while, but I feel guilty not writing the devotionals. I’ve been asking God for some direction. My gut is telling me to pursue the new and different avenue. I am in a slump.

Am I letting God down if I stop writing devotionals for now? I don’t want to write them just for the sake of writing them. If my heart is not in it at this time I don’t want to put out mediocre work. Doing that would not be glorifying God.

I am writing in my journal everyday, but even that is showing the negative feelings I’ve been having lately. I am in a slump. I want out of this slump. I know I will be rejuvenated when I attend a couple writers’ conferences in the fall, but I don’t want to wait that long. In the meantime, I will continue asking for God’s leading. I also need to open my eyes to become more aware of topic ideas that are probably screaming out to me, but I’m not seeing them.

I know there are other writers out there who have gone through a slump. I would love to hear what you did to get out of it. Any comments/suggestions will be welcomed.

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3 thoughts on “In A slump

  1. I’ve been in a slump too. Finally posted a last week, but did very little since the beginning of the year. I think slumps are okay. I really admire your discipline. I don’t really have any advice, but I hope whatever you choose to do, you will write for the joy of it! If you want to write short stories, go for it! (“No rules. Just write!”) 🙂 I have read some of your devotionals out loud in our Muskegon meeting, and they have encouraged all of us.

  2. Noreen Ophoff

    I’ve been in a slump for months. Then I spent time with good friends and they inspired me—we didn’t talk about writing, we were just together. I came home and wrote a story Terry DeBoer asked me to write for the next critiquing session of our small group. I think I’m out of the slump. as I’m thinking about other stories I could submit to magazines.

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