Writing A Book

IM000893.JPGI am definitely finding out that writing a novel is no easy task. Today I spent almost three hours doing research.  My story takes place in Kenya. Because I’ve never been to Kenya I must find out all about it, at least about Nairobi and surrounding areas. I want my story to be believable. That will take a lot of reading, both from books and online. However, these hours flew by. I was immersed in the information I was finding. I have a lot more research ahead of me before I can really get into the meat of writing my book, but so far this part of writing is quite interesting to me. I always enjoyed doing terms papers when I was in school. This is a continuation of that on a bigger scale.

I’ve heard authors say that your characters will lead you as you write. I am finding this to be true even while I’m doing my research. For example, my lead character is a recently retired teacher. I have started developing a basic profile, but as I was doing my reading today I also discovered some new traits and abilities my teacher needs to have.  The reading I did led me to some sub-plots for my story as well that will tie in nicely with the main plot, pulling the story all together.

I know writing this book will take a lot of time, dedication, and hard work, but I think it will also be fun. Seeing things starting to develop and fall into place already is exciting. My characters are beginning to take on lives of their own. I’m just along for the ride making sure their story gets down on paper.

I will continue to blog about the progress I am making as I go along. I would greatly appreciate any comments and suggestions along the way. I’d also love to hear experiences from other writers about your writing journeys.


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