The Writing Saga Continues

942436_10200539607545673_710765186_nI love Saturday mornings. That is when I have a large block of time to devote to writing. I quickly make my breakfast and get the coffee going, then I sit at my dining room table and begin. Everything is within reach that I need to make the most of this time.

The prologue, epilogue, and chapter 1 are written. My protagonist (Laurel) has arrived in Kenya and is settled in the hotel she will be staying for a couple nights before moving on. I am to a point in the story where I have to stop and do more research before going any further. If my main character is going to explore Nairobi I have to make it real. I need to know the customs and culture. I want my readers to experience Nairobi through my writing, to be able to picture in their minds what Laurel is seeing and doing. I found two great books on Kenya and a street map of Nairobi.

I am thinking the rest of this morning and probably next Saturday morning will be spent on jotting down notes as I read through the books and study the map. I really want to write, but I don’t want to make things up about a real place as I go along. Research is so important to writing, even when writing fiction. When I write short stories there is not much research involved, if any. I can usually draw from personal experience. However, I’ve discovered writing a novel is a whole different ballgame. Thank goodness I enjoy doing research.

Each time I sit down to work on this project I’m filled with excitement, wondering what’s going to happen next, who will Laurel meet, what will she experience. I have my basic ideas, but things I never thought of keep popping up as I write. Writing a novel is hard work, but it’s also so much fun.

As I go along I will be bringing my writing to my critique group to read so they can give me suggestions. They are of wonderful group of writers who inspire and encourage me. I value their input and I’ve seen my writing improve over the years because of being part of a supporting critique group. If you are a writer, no matter what you write, I encourage you to find a critique group to join.

That’s all for today. I must get back to my research. Please leave comments. I would love to hear about the journeys of other writers.

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2 thoughts on “The Writing Saga Continues

  1. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself fact-checking at what feels like it ought to be the last minute.

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