Making Progress

942436_10200539607545673_710765186_nWriting my novel is a slow process, mainly because I don’t have a lot of time to write. I like to have a block of time so that when I’m writing I’m not constrained by a limited time frame. Once the words start flowing I don’t want to have to stop because I have something else I need to do. Weekends are usually the best time for me. During the week I work full-time and in the evenings my brain is fried from the work I did all day. However, that doesn’t mean on Monday through Friday I’m not working on my book.  Ideas keep popping into my head about various scenes or approaches which I immediately jot down so I don’t forget them.

Chapter 1 of “From Dream To Nightmare” was critiqued by my writers’ group last month. This went very well. Chapter 2 is ready to be critiqued at our next meeting.  This morning I began the rough draft of Chapter 3.  I am surprising myself as to what is coming out on paper. Once I get Chapter 3 written I will need to do more research before beginning the next chapter.

While I am writing this novel I am reading the book “Story Trumps Structure – How To Write Unforgettable Fiction By Breaking The Rules” by Steven James.  I highly recommend this book for fiction writers. It is full of practical instruction and ideas for making your fiction believable and captivating for readers. James covers areas such as story progression, how to shape our stories, characterization, plot flaws, how to build suspense to keep our readers into the book, etc. It is full of examples for each area James deals with. This is a great resource for all fiction writers.

I first came up with the idea for a novel about two years ago, but I thought it was ridiculous for me to consider writing a book. I am so glad now that I’m actually doing it. If you are thinking about writing but are afraid to begin, don’t let those fears stop you. Start writing. Also, find a group of writers to help you. Input from other writers is so valuable.



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