Why I Chose to Pursue Writing

9-18-2011 12;08;51 PMI’ve written many devotionals over the past few years, all of them online (except for one published in Halo Magazine and some for my church). I’ve written blogs post about my journey while writing my first novel. However, I’ve never written anything about me and why/how I got into writing in the first place. So here it goes:

My father had a degree in Journalism. He wrote for the Grand Rapids Herald and later was an editor for the Grand Rapids Press for many years. Later in life he wrote public relations material for a manufacturing company. He also wrote monthly articles in a furniture trade magazine. In 1950 his one and only novel was published.Then along came my son. He’s had two poems published. I began wondering if the “writing gene” had skipped over me.

I loved writing term papers in school and doing the research. But could I ever write anything else? About eight or nine years ago I decided to take a writing course through the mail. It was a good course and I was able to learn the basics of writing, but I realized I needed to learn more.

I heard about a couple local writers’ conferences through friends who were writers so I attended one. After that experience I was hooked. I wanted to write. I had no idea if I had the talent to write, but I had the passion and was determined to learn everything I could and begin writing. I started reading books on the craft of writing and attended more conferences.

I started with a blog in 2012 where I posted a daily devotional related to photographs I took. Why I ever committed myself to doing a daily post I have no idea. I must have been out of my mind, but I stuck with it for one year.

I joined Word Weavers International, a Christian writers’ group. I learned at a conference there was a local West Michigan chapter. I’ve been a member for five years. The support and encouragement I have received from this group is amazing. Through their critiques of my writing I have learned so much. I also continue to attend one or two writers’ conferences every year. At these conferences I’ve shared some of my writing with publishers, editors, and authors. Through those contacts my knowledge of how to write has grown.

Then about two years ago I got an idea for a novel. I started writing it, but it was not going anywhere, so I put it on the back shelf. However, it kept nagging at me to be written. Now, two years later and with encouragement from my writing friends I am writing my first novel. And I am having so much fun. Two years ago the timing was wrong. Now it’s spot on and the words are flowing. I have completed four chapters and my excitement builds with each page I write.

I will be 65 years old in December. I’m a little late getting into the game, but I’m in now with full force.  If you have even the tiniest thought that you’d like to write, GO FOR IT. I want to warn you, you will need to invest time, work, and some money if you really want to seriously pursue writing, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Please share how you got the writing bug. I’d love to hear about the experiences of others.

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One thought on “Why I Chose to Pursue Writing

  1. orion shepard

    Years ago when traveling Northern Michigan for a chemical company out of St Paul,Minnesota, I used to run into your Dad, occasionally. He was out searching for material for stories to write for the Grand Rapids Hearld.

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