I am working on a study of the Psalms. Today I read Psalms 4.  Verse 8 struck me: “I will lie down and sleep in peace,  for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

There are many nights I go to bed but can’t sleep because my mind won’t shut off. Worries from the day, stuff for work that needs to be done, or Satan messing with my mind, all these things have hindered my sleep.

There is one episode in my life that Satan has brought back to me frequently as I’ve tried to sleep and that was when my mother died.  She was coming up the outside stairs to enter my home when she suddenly stopped and fell backwards down the steps. She died of a head injury when she hit the cement. Many times for years afterwards Satan would have me relive that experience in my mind when I was trying to sleep, planting guilt that I didn’t do enough to save her from falling. Even though the doctor told me she had a stroke at the top of the stairs causing her fall and there would have been nothing I could have done, Satan made me think I blew it and let my mom die.

Each time I’d get that vision in my head I prayed to God to make it vanish. Each time God answered my prayer and I was able to get a restful night’s sleep. God showed me that her death was not my fault and now Satan can no longer attack me with that vision.

What keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep?  What causes your mind to race when you just want it to empty into nothingness so you can fall asleep? Your issue might be that you can’t get work out of your mind or your day was so full of anxiety it seeps into the night time hours.  Whatever keeps your mind from shutting down bring it to God. While you are lying in bed open your heart and mind to Him. Ask Him to make the thoughts and anxieties vanish so you can sleep. He will answer you and provide the rest you need.

It is comforting to know we have a God who cares so much for us in even the little things like a giving us a good night’s sleep. We don’t have to suffer. God is always available to help.

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