Are You Prepared For Your Toughest Battle?



Two armies face each other for battle. One army has guns. The other army has tanks and bombs. Which army is going to win?

We are in a battle. We’re facing the army of Satan every day. Satan’s army has all sorts of fire power ; super-natural power we mere humans cannot defend against. 1 Peter 1:24 says, “All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers falls.”  If we are as fragile as grass and flowers how can we possibly stand up to the forces of Satan?  The answer is in 1 Peter 1:25, “but the Word of the Lord stands forever.”

In Ephesians 6 Paul lists the pieces of the armor God has given us. Then in verse 17 he states the only weapon we need, “Take the helmet of Salvation and THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD.”

Satan has no power over the Word of God. We have a mighty sword at our disposal. Nothing Satan throws at us is a match to the Word of the Lord. By giving us the Bible, God has given us the most powerful weapon to use in our battle. Satan has no comeback, no defense against the truth found in Scripture.

However, we must be trained to use this weapon. It won’t do us any good to just have the Bible in our hands. When we go up against Satan we have to know what’s in the Bible. We cannot be ignorant. The Word of God is the ultimate weapon. It is our job to learn how to use it.

How often do you read the Bible?  Have you committed any verses to memory? All of us will be attacked by Satan at many points in our lives. Now is a good time to dig into God’s Word on a regular basis so you are prepared to fight when Satan attacks.


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