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I love to write. Once I get started I can’t believe how fast the time goes. I become so involved in what I’m writing the rest of the world is shut out. The problem is finding the time to write.

I work full-time. By the time I finish work, have dinner and do the dishes my brain does not want to work anymore. Going on facebook or watching TV seems to be a much more relaxing way to spend my evenings. Does this sound like you, too?

I have a novel I want to write and it is just sitting there, staring at me. Most of the research is done, why don’t I get busy and write it? PROCRASTINATION. I think I am using being tired and brain dead as an excuse for procrastination.

If I truly look at how I spend my days I have plenty of time to write. I don’t need to watch a mindless TV program, that an hour later doesn’t mean a thing. I don’t have to play that game on facebook for hours on end.

DISCIPLINE – that’s what I need. I just have to tell myself to leave the TV and computer off. (I write everything long hand, then use my computer as my typewriter for the final product.)  If I would do that even 3 nights a week I’d get a lot of writing done. I’d be well into my book instead of still working on Chapter One.

We make time for everything else in our lives, there is no excuse for not making time to write. If we really want to be writers we need to write. How difficult would it be to set aside even a half hour and do nothing but write? Before long I bet that time would turn into an hour or more. We would probably find we don’t miss the TV or computer game. We will, most likely, enjoy writing and find it relaxing, especially when we have a finished product in front of us we can be proud of.

What’s your excuse for not writing? Commit yourself to writing daily or at least 3-4 days a week, even if it’s only for a short period of time. That is something I am going to work on. I want to get my novel written, but that is not going to happen if all I do is stare at it. If writing this book is important to me, then making the time to write it should be just as important.

Do you have difficulty finding time to write? Make the commitment with me to write a little each day. I welcome your comments on how you find the time to write or, if you are making this new commitment, how things are going. Your experiences are bound to help another writer who is struggling.

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