Final Day at the Writers’ Conference

9-18-14 8 BookstorePeople made a final visit to the bookstore this morning because it closed at noon. The topic of the conference today was “Craft and Creativity”. There was a panel discussion on Creativity which was interesting and very fun. We also saw first hand how an editor critiques a manuscript.

9-18-14 14 lunchLunch ( our final meal at the conference) was a salad bar and build your own tacos. Delicious! I hate to step on the scale. We were fed too well this week.

This afternoon I attended three workshops. At the closing of the conference I won a free book. Also, one of the authors there gave everyone free copies of three of her books. Plus I bought 2 books. I have plenty to read for quite a while. Now it’s time to get to work and start improving my writing.

As I was leaving the conference I discovered I had a flat tire on my car. Luckily, two young guys who work at Maranatha just got out of work and they changed the tire for me. By the time I got home I was exhausted. It is going to feel so good sleeping in my own bed tonight. The conference was fantastic! I am already planning to attend next year and I hope I can have enough money to stay on site again like I did this year.

People from several other states, as far away as Colorado, attended this conference. If you have the opportunity to attend a writers’ conference in your area take advantage of it.  It is well worth your time if you are serious about writing.

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